Going to the Minneapolis airport.

$65 -Special rate from - Stillwater, MN - Bayport, MN - Oak Park Heights, MN
Hudson, WI - West Lakeland (within city limits)
Must meet the following 3 requirements

  1. Call at least 24 hours in advance
  2. Be picked up after 5am
  3. Pay by cash

All other airport service is metered.

Pick up at the Minneapolis airport.

Call before you leave to arrange pick up in advance.
give airline, flight number and scheduled arrival time to dispatch.

We will track your flight with the airline so that we have a taxi in the area when you arrive.
Upon arrival you will need to claim your luggage and then call to let us know you are ready to be picked up.
Dispatch will tell you what vehicle to look for. You will need to go one level down from baggage claim to
the "GROUND TRANSPORTATION" level then follow signs out to the taxi stand where your car will be waiting for you.


Airport rates are on the meter unless otherwise quoted by dispatch